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Milwaukee Film Festival Adds 9 More Films To Festival Slate

Milwaukee Film Festival Adds 9 More Films To Festival Slate

By Livia Peterson

This morning, Milwaukee Film announced nine more movies that will screen at the 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival after previously introducing nine other films to the lineup last week.


The documentary chronicles the ancient Chinese game Go, which is considered a resplendent challenge for artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence and Go collide in South Korea for a competition, dubbed The Google DeepMind Challenge Match on March 9, 2016. Millions witnessed watched a Go master take on an uncertain AI. Program: Spotlight Presentations

American Fable

An eleven-year-old named Gitty (Peyton Kennedy) discovers a man that can grant wishes hiding in her family’s silo on their Wisconsin farm. Soon, she must decide between saving the man’s life or protecting her family. Program: Cinema Hooligante.

Bronx Gothic

A documentary chronicling writer and performer Okwui Okpokwasili and her one-woman show. Fusing dance, song, drama, and comedy, Okpokwasili produces a space in which audiences are able to engage with a story about two twelve-year-old black girls coming of age in the 1980s. Program: Arts and Artists

I, Daniel Blake

This 2016 Palme d'Or winner tells the story of fifty-nine-year old Daniel Blake (Dave Johns), who recently suffered a heart attack and must fight the bureaucratic system in order to receive Employment and Support Allowance. Program: Worldviews

Infinity Baby

Starring Megan Mullally, Noel Wells, Trieste Kelley Dunn, Nick Offerman, Martin Starr, this is a comedy about babies that do not age or cry. Program: American Independents

Love and Saucers

The modest 72-year-old David Huggins claims to have had encounters with unusual beings, including a romance with an alien woman during his lifetime. Mr. Huggins demonstrates his dreams, hallucinations, or perhaps, realities through surreal impressionist paintings. Program: Cinema Hooligante

Pecking Order

The documentary chronicles a group of devout Kiwi chicken breeders determined to win at the 2015 National Poultry Show. Relentless rivalries, club fighting, stubborn birds, and inconsistent judging are just some of obstacles. Program: Documentary Festival Favorites


This documentary chronicles the story of Naomi Kutin, an Orthodox Jewish eleven-year-old who also happens to be a competitive powerlifter, able to lift almost three times her own bodyweight. She's been breaking world records since she was nine, but her looming adolescence, plus a health scare threatens to cut her athletic career short. Program: Sportsball!


This 1985 offering, dubbed the first “ramen western,” tells of truck drivers Gan and Gun (Ken Watanabe and Tsutomu Yamazaki), who assist the widowed noodle chef Tampopo (Nobuko Miyamato) and his budding business. Love, mayhem, and food are intertwined. Program: Film Feast

The 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival will take place at the Landmark Oriental Theatre (2230 North Farwell Avenue), Landmark Downer Theatre (2589 North Downer Avenue), Fox Bay Cinema Grill (334 East Silver Spring Drive), Times Cinema (5906 West Vliet Street), and Avalon Theatre (2473 South Kinnickinnic Avenue), from Thursday, September 28 to Thursday, October 12.

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Milwaukee Film Festival Announces 9 New Films

Milwaukee Film Festival Announces 9 New Films