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Milwaukee Film Festival Unveils 2017 Cream City Cinema Lineup

Milwaukee Film Festival Unveils 2017 Cream City Cinema Lineup

By Livia Peterson

Yesterday Milwaukee Film Festival announced their Cream City film lineup, featuring the best of the best from Milwaukee based filmmakers.

Chasing Bubbles

A documentary about a successful but unhappy 25-year-old day trader named Alex Rust, who trades in his minivan for a small sailboat dubbed “Bubbles.” With only the book “Sailing for Dummies” as a guide, sets off on a yearlong global adventure.

Civic Art: Four Stories From South Los Angeles

Part of the 2013 Los Angeles initiative to produce art projects, this locally produced documentary spotlights four groups who are assigned to transform vacant or underutilized areas throughout the city into public spaces that feel invulnerable and support community-oriented activity. This film is preceded by Seeking Century City.

Life of the Party

life of the party.jpg

Family, friends, and coworkers unite at a West Allis bowling alley wedding reception with one thing in common: anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bride Tyesha and groom David. Various cultures and identities clash.


Previously announced, the documentary chronicles baseball player, inventor, and creator of economic-spiritual-philosophy movement Lawsonomy Alfred Lawson. However, Merle Hayden has kept Lawsonomy alive for decades.

The Milwaukee Music Video Show

websterx blue streak.jpg

These shorts showcase local artists in Milwaukee music scene.

  • Direct Hit!-Snickers or Reese's
  • The Fatty Acids-Digested
  • Hot Coffin-Whistle, Hawk & Spit
  • IshDARR-Locals
  • Jacob Banks-Unholy War
  • Jim White & Paul Fonfara-The Saga of the Whittled Hodag
  • Joe Quinto & Miguel Diaz-Black Magic
  • The Kingdom of the Mudnscum-Genie Gypsy Woman
  • The Listening Party-Bones
  • Marielle Allschwang-Aquarium
  • NO/NO-Television
  • Ragani-Peace Prayer
  • Sat. Nite Duets-St. Yuppie
  • Soul Low-Amputee
  • Uncle Larry-Cosmic Sugar
  • WebsterX-Blue Streak

The Milwaukee Show I

alligator hunter.jpg

One of the most popular tickets in town, this program showcases a variety of animation, a puppet musical, and a glimpse at urgent issues, including the likes of mental health, human trafficking, and bullying. All of it takes place at the glorious Oriental Theatre’s main house!

  • The Alligator Hunter
  • 'the beautiful': The Stories She Tell
  • Grey Sheep
  • Remnants of a Room
  • Sabrina
  • The Sneeze
  • The Survivor
  • A Walk With My Brother

The Milwaukee Show II

silently steal away.jpg

The second installment of Milwaukee Show, featuring short films on Sconnie history, experimental films, and gorgeous animation.

  • CORN
  • The Deer Queen
  • Hummingbird: A Sister's Courage
  • It's Gotta Be In Ya!
  • Marshland
  • The Pilot
  • Silently Steal Away
  • Visions of an Island

The Milwaukee Youth Show


A collection of PSAs, animated shorts, documentaries, genre fiction, produced by the eighteen and under crowd in the Milwaukee area. This program serves a testament to the flourishing Milwaukee film scene and a chance to say we knew the kiddos before they fulfilled their dreams.

  • Aww Heck
  • Clayton's Cavalcade of Confounding Creatures (and Calamitous Cuisine) (...or chowder)
  • Giombi Gone Wild
  • Green Creek-"Father Nature"
  • Greyhound Pets of America Wisconsin
  • I Am a Feminist
  • I Miss You
  • Just Desserts
  • Niatsus
  • One Step Ahead
  • Spectrum
  • Tiny Glowing Screens
  • Tolerance
  • Walk a Mile

Roller Life

This documentary examines Milwaukee’s very own roller derby league, The Brew City Bruisers, and features breathtaking teams Rushin’ Rollettes, Maiden Milwaukee, and the Shevil Knevils. This film is preceded by Mondo Lucha!

Scott Road

A coming-of-age story about a fifteen-year-old boy who develops a crush on a young substitute teacher who alsohappens to be his older brother’s ex-girlfriend during the lunar new year in Shanghai 1949. Just goes to show global cinema is able to come from our own backyard. The film is preceded by That Is Circling All Round the Sun.

Shorts And VR Films

These are additional short and virtual reality films.

  • Across The Line
  • Bob The Buck
  • The Dundee Project
  • Pharma Lab Training Video: 1

Locally produced films found in other programs at the festival include Erik Ljung’s The Blood Is at the Doorstep (Spotlight Presentations), Carol Brandt’s Dear Coward on the Moon (Spotlight Presentations), and Tim Irwin and Keith Schieron’s Don’t Break Down: A Film About Jawbreaker (Sound Vision).


The 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival will take place at the Landmark Oriental Theatre (2230 North Farwell Avenue), Landmark Downer Theatre (2589 North Downer Avenue), Fox Bay Cinema Grill (334 East Silver Spring Drive), Times Cinema (5906 West Vliet Street), and Avalon Theatre (2473 South Kinnickinnic Avenue), from Thursday, Sept. 28 to Thursday, Oct. 12.

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