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Milwaukee Film Annouces 2017 Opening, Closing, Spotlight Selections

Milwaukee Film Annouces 2017 Opening, Closing, Spotlight Selections

By Livia Peterson

Yesterday, Milwaukee Film announced their Spotlight Presentations lineup, which includes both Sundance sensations and returning staples.

Opening Night: Stumped


The opening night film appears to be an uplifting documentary. Will Lautzenheiser was on the verge of fulfilling his dreams; however, what he thought was an extremely pulled muscle quickly escalated to a bacterial infection that required medical professionals to amputate all of his limbs. Will didn’t let the aforementioned setback defeat him and performed stand-up comedy to cope with his new normal. Just as he is beginning to adjust, he hears of a risky experimental treatment that may allow him to regain his independence.

Centerpiece: The Blood at the Doorstep

Previously announced, Erik Ljung’s centerpiece film chronicles the story of Dontre Hamilton, who was shot by police fourteen times in broad daylight and left the community reeling. An intimate portrait of Hamilton family strength amidst a devastating tragedy.

Closing Night: Landline

Director Gillian Robespierre (the brilliant “Obvious Child) returns to close the Milwaukee Film Festival with “Landline,” which follows siblings Dana and Ali Jacobs (Jenny Slate and Abby Quinn), who discover their father’s (John Turturro) infidelities and set out to expose him without alerting their mother (Edie Falco).



Previously announced, the South Korean player Lee Sedol faces off Google’s Deep Mind artificial intelligence AlphaGo to play the game in this man versus machine documentary.

The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography

Acclaimed filmmaker Errol Morris examines his lifelong friend and photographer Elsa Dorfman in this documentary. From Dorfman’s start in literary circles to her eventual discovery of her preferred format – large scale 20-by24 inch Polaroids of subjects, she always allowed her subjects to choose and kept the B-sides.

I, Daniel Blake

Previously announced, the 59-year-old Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) confronts the bureaucratic system to receive Employment and Support Allowance.

The Lost World (featuring Alloy Orchestra)

The Alloy Orchestra returns to the gorgeous Oriental Theatre to be prehistoric. Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic tale, this silent adaptation chronicles a ragtag crew in search of a dinosaur-filled land unblemished by time. Be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime!

Schumann’s Bar Talks


United States premiere!!! Bartender Charles Schumann is known for his iconic Munich based Schumann’s Bar. Mr. In this extensive documentary study, Schumann offers a tour guide through some excellent bars around the world and explores history and culture.

Stop Making Sense

Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense provides Milwaukee Film Festival’s annual dance party and concert film. One will feel like they're in attendance at a concert, resulting in an unforgettable filmgoing experience.

The 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival will take place at the Landmark Oriental Theatre (2230 North Farwell Avenue), Landmark Downer Theatre (2589 North Downer Avenue), Fox Bay Cinema Grill (334 East Silver Spring Drive), Times Cinema (5906 West Vliet Street), and Avalon Theatre (2473 South Kinnickinnic Avenue), from Thursday, Sept. 28 to Thursday, Oct. 12.

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